Water Management & Planetary Health Talk

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Sweet Water & Planetary Health
Talk by Lis Bastian
Saturday 1 April
Lower level, Old Katoomba Golf Clubhouse
This event is part of a Community Information Day on the former Katoomba Golf Course to give everyone an opportunity to learn more about, and provide feedback into, the Draft Precinct Plan for the site. There will be talks and workshops about the site and about the Planetary Health Initiative, including information about a major new project being coordinated by the Initiative to reduce the risk of disaster for our bioregion. The talk will address the disruption of the hydrological cycle and ways we can design to reduce the risk of disaster from fire, flood and heatwave. All welcome. Register here.
To find out more about the Draft Precinct Plan and to make a submission, follow this link.

This program has been made possible as part of a Bioregional Collaboration for Planetary Health and is supported by the Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (DRRF). The DRRF is jointly funded by the Australian and New South Wales governments.




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