Blue Mountains Rhododendron Society

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Blue Mountains Rhododendron Society
Guest Speaker: Lis Bastian
Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative
Saturday 18 February, 2023
Campbell Rhododendron Gardens, Blackheath.
Lis Bastian from Blue Mountains City Council will discuss the Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative and its Disaster Risk Reduction Program, with a specific focus on community water management to reduce the risk of fire, flood and heatwave. She’ll also discuss the Initiative’s work on creating hyperlocal News Platforms which will share solutions from throughout the Mountains and Lithgow to accelerate collaboration and systemic change.   To learn more about the Society and the Campbell Rhododendron Gardens visit their site here   Photo of Lis presenting to the Society (taken during the talk):   This program has been made possible as part of a Bioregional Collaboration for Planetary Health and is supported by the Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (DRRF). The DRRF is jointly funded by the Australian and New South Wales governments.