Festival of Resilience

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Festival of Resilience
‘Together We Can’ Book Launch  
Sun 11 September 
Carrington Hotel, Katoomba

The Festival of Resilience kicks off on Sunday 11 September.

The Planetary Health Initiative will present the Blue Mountains book launch of ‘Together We Can’: Everyday Australians doing amazing things to give our planet a future with Author Claire O’Rourke and Planetary Health Advisory Committee Member Allen Hyde from the Rainforest Conservancy at Mt Irvine (a case study in the book).

In Together We Can, Claire O’Rourke takes us on a journey to acknowledge how we are feeling about climate change, and shows us that connecting with other people and taking action is the best way to heal ourselves and make a meaningful impact, something we can all do despite our already busy lives. She shows how we can learn from Australia’s First Nations peoples who have the knowledge on how to integrate care for country and community resilience.


The book is packed with stories from right around Australia: the ‘Vegemite man’ who campaigned for wind power on King Island off Tasmania; the WA-based world-first start-up that is growing plastic with seaweed, the retiree who is building a community rainforest restoration plan in the Blue Mountains in NSW, the First Nations non-alcoholic beer company in Queensland built on the philosophy to do more good and do less harm; a food waste processing start-up that began in a North Melbourne living room, creating protein from insects; a Broken Hill pastoralist working on land regeneration in partnership with local Aboriginal land councils, and many more.


The deeper, subtle message in the book is that when we take action together with other people, we are stronger and more effective: we are more resilient too.

‘Claire O’Rourke shows us thoughtfully and thoroughly the impact climate change is having on our mental health as individuals and communities, and the importance of hope in facing these current and future challenges.’ – Daisy Turnbull, author of 50 Questions to Ask Your Teens


‘If you ever thought you were alone in the battle for climate justice, this book will make you realise you are part of an extraordinary movement of people.’ – Craig Reucassel, ABC TV’s War on Waste


‘Only a vast array of actions, big and small, can defuse the climate crisis. This book shows you how.’ – Professor Will Steffen, Australian National University


‘Full of inspiring stories about climate action for all of us who feel overwhelmed by global warming.’ – Rebecca Huntley, author of How to Talk About Climate Change in a Way that Makes a Difference


‘The answers to climate catastrophe are here now, and Together We Can is a testament to the people building solutions everywhere.’ – Danny Kennedy, CEO of New Energy Nexus and co-host with Cate Blanchett, Climate of Change podcast



‘Blends great practical tips and insights, with magnificent stories of Australian people and organisations working their hardest to get our country through the climate emergency.’ – David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific


‘This book reminds us that with nothing more than hope and action, ordinary people do extraordinary things.’  – Kelly O’Shanassy, CEO, Australian Conservation Foundation


‘The journey from “climate freak out” to “cultivating hope” is re-imagining our future. This book can help you change your mindset…and indeed your world.’

Dermot O’Gorman, CEO WWF-Australia

The Festival of Resilience will run from 11 September – 9 October

The Blue Mountains Planetary Health Pluriversity is part of Blue Mountains City Council’s Planetary Health Initiative. Find out more here


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