The Reimagine Project

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The Reimagine Project
Saturday – Date to be confirmed
1.30 – 4.30pm
Planetary Health Clubhouse (former Katoomba Golf Course Acacia St Katoomba)

 A day of reimagining our deeply held beliefs about the nature of reality and the the privileging of humans over all other species and lifeforms with the Regenesis Collective

1.30pm – Welcome to the Reimagine Project

1. Janelle Randall Court on reimagining our relationship to a throw-away culture with The Waste to Art Project

2. Lis Bastian from the Planetary Health Initiative and the steps towards a regenerative society here in the Blue Mountains

3. Barbara Lepani and Janelle Randall-Court: Thinking differently – inner transformation—healing the wounds of our psychic alienation between mind, spirit and body and between ourselves and the Earth and all its lifeforms.

4. Workshopping: The Creative Journey to Regenesis ( with storytelling and the creative arts

For more information contact Barbara Lepani at

The Blue Mountains Planetary Health Pluriversity is part of Blue Mountains City Council’s Planetary Health Initiative. Find out more here

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