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  • Officer Urban Weeds
    Officer Urban Weeds (2 positions) – V22/5644 Position Description The Officer Urban Weeds will work as part of a dedicated team to improve the environmental condition of the City of Blue Mountains by participating in strategic weed control planning and conducting regulatory inspections of private land and land managed by […]
  • Tourism Development
    Program Leader Tourism Development – V22/5585 Applications close: 11 September Position Description You will support and deliver sustainable tourism initiatives, liaise with the Blue Mountains Tourism industry and forge strong partnerships, act as a point of contact and provide specialist knowledge on tourism related matters, within and external to Council, build […]
  • Swampcare – North Hazelbrook
    Swampcare  – North Hazelbrook Friday 23 September @ 9am-3pm Join a group of locals passionate about protecting the swamp at North Hazelbrook. Bookings essential here by Monday 19th September for catering purposes. The Blue Mountains Planetary Health Pluriversity is part of Blue Mountains City Council’s Planetary Health Initiative. Find out […]
  • Swampcare – Wentworth Falls
    Swampcare – Kittyhawke Wentworth Falls Friday 25th November @ 9am – 3pm Join a group of locals passionate about protecting the swamp in Wentworth Falls. Bookings essential here by Monday 21st November for catering purposes. The Blue Mountains Planetary Health Pluriversity is part of Blue Mountains City Council’s Planetary Health […]
  • April 12
      A YEAR IN A DAY CITIZEN SCIENCE PROJECT DRAWS TO A CLOSE I’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s participated in A Year in a Day since 1 January this year. Together, Council and Communities, in Australia AND Timor, have explored and taken actions to […]
  • April 11
      PLANT-BASED ICE CREAMS It’s Autumn raspberry season, so I immediately crave ice cream to accompany my berries. When I visited the local supermarket I was pleasantly surprised by the range of plant-based ice creams now available. My action for today was to research the products on the market and […]
  • April 10
      WE ARE NATURE It’s been over 15 months since the fires swept through the Mountains, and life and death are juxtaposed as matter cycles endlessly. Today’s action for A Year In A Day was to commit to sharing a daily photo of this extraordinarily exquisite world we live in […]
  • April 9
      TODAY’S NEW ACTION As we take the individual actions that are the beginning of all cultural and system change, it’s important to have a sense of how these actions are part of the bigger changing picture of our future. For my new action today, I’m going to start sharing […]
  • April 8
      REJUVENATING RUSTY TOOLS If I were an investor at the moment I think I’d invest in vinegar! We’ve gone through large bottles of it for cleaning away mould, and today I used it to tackle rust. Many of our garden tools have gone rusty in this wet season, so […]
  • April 7
    WORLD HEALTH DAY On World Health Day we reached, and exceeded, our target of 365 new actions to restore planetary health in a day – thanks to the extraordinary efforts of all the dedicated people who made such an effort to be part of this community groundswell demanding urgent action […]
  • April 6
      PREPARING TO PROTECT MY SEEDLINGS We need resilience to cope with the impacts of climate change, and we need the courage, skills and tools to help us keep going as we work to restore planetary health. Today I finished off a bottle of New Zealand Vodka and, with my […]
  • April 5
      DARN! There is something so satisfying about tackling something I’ve procrastinated over for a very long time. I love wearing black pure wool skivvies, but I think the moths love them as much as I do, and sometimes my gardening life plays havoc with them as well. Today I […]
  • April 4
    Climate Action Now The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – released in March 2022 – urgently warns us the window to limit the threatening impacts of climate change is closing and immediate action is needed. We know this is the critical decade for reducing emissions. […]
  • April 3
      Start again! As I continue to take steps to move towards a zero-waste life, on the 5th February I made an attempt to turn used cooking oil and ashes from the fire into soap. Sadly it didn’t work and ended up a greasy mess. I left it on a […]
  • (no title)
      HOLIDAYING LOCAL & SUPPORTING LOCAL AGRICULTURE Our son came home for the weekend and I explained how, on World Health Day this coming Thursday 7 April, we’re hoping to inspire 365 people to all take one new action to restore planetary health, so that we can have the action […]