Ladies Probus Club of the Upper Blue Mountains

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Ladies Probus Club of the Upper Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative
Wednesday 15 February 2023
12 – 1pm
Katoomba RSL
  Lis Bastian, Senior Lead of Blue Mountains City Council’s Planetary Health Initiative will speak about their new grant-funded program: A Bioregional Collaboration for Planetary Health. She will discuss the critical importance of collaboration for systemic change to reduce the risk of future disasters and how the Initiative is establishing local Communications Platforms to connect communities and agencies, and to share solutions to strengthen community and restore the health of the planet. The Initiative will also be building a water demonstration site at the former Katoomba Golf Course and training the community to manage water to reduce the risks associated with fire, flood and heatwave. Find more information about the Ladies Probus Club of the Upper Blue Mountains here   This project has been made possible as part of a Bioregional Collaboration for Planetary Health and is supported by the Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (DRRF). The DRRF is jointly funded by the Australian and New South Wales governments.