Imagining a Healthier Planet with the University of Sydney

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Imagining a Healthier Planet
Blue Mountains City Council’s Planetary Health Initiative and the University of Sydney’s Sydney Environment Institute
Community Engagement Event for Grounded Imaginaries and Launch of the Bioregional Collaboration for Planetary Health
7pm Thursday 2 February

During 2022 the Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative partnered with the Sydney Environment Institute on their Grounded Imaginaries Project which funded a Blue Mountains Youth Fellow, supported by the . Planetary Health Initiative. The Project sought out and told stories about people already re-imagining and transforming our societies to create a healthier planet.

The video and findings of the Grounded Imaginaries Project will be shared at this event.

The Bioregional Collaboration for Planetary Health will build on the findings of this project as it ‘equips people to develop community-led systemic responses and produce effective communications about transformative projects.’

Read more about the Grounded Imaginaries Project here

Photos from the event:

The Bioregional Collaboration for Planetary Health is supported by the Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (DRRF). The DRRF is jointly funded by the Australian and New South Wales governments.