Cartooning and Creative Thinking

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Ian Dalkin: Cartooning and Creative Thinking Workshop

10am – 4pm Sunday 17th November, 2019

101 Wentworth St Blackheath

This is a free event for young people aged 16 – 30

Cartoonist Ian Dalkin will provide a full day of hands-on workshopping to give you the confidence to begin thinking creatively and producing your own cartoons. The workshop will consist of two major components.

  1. Drawing Smart Not Hard – Find the parameters for developing your own drawing style.
  2. How Cartoonists Think of Jokes – Learn to develop systems for processing information in ways that produce humour. Develop creative thinking, visual and design thinking and problem solving skills.

About your teacher:

Ian Dalkin is a professional cartoonist with a cocktail of publishing credits, ranging through Nintendo magazine, Playboy, Penthouse, Nation Review, Sunday Telegraph, Sun Herald, Newcastle Herald and the Sydney Sun, to extensive freelancing. His cartoon-based multimedia has been commissioned by Planet Ark, Kogan, McAfee and others. His professional achievements include his cartooning software program that was the foundation of 2 Olympic Arts Festival events and the establishment of the National Cartooning Competition in collaboration with the Australian Cartoonists Association.

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