A Year in a Day

A Year in a Day Citizen Science Project

Working together to restore planetary health urgently
30 March: 3 months, 456 actions, 72 contributors
STEP 1: 365 actions – achieved in 2.5 months!!!
STEP 2: Let’s try for 365 actions in one day 
on World Health Day 7 April 2022
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To respond to the urgency of the need for everyone to do more to restore planetary health, the Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative’s Pluriversity has initiated a Citizen Science Project in 2022 called ‘A Year in a Day’.

We’d love you to join us. If, in one day, we can inspire 365 of us to do something more, something we wouldn’t ordinarily do, to restore planetary health, we will achieve the action of a whole year in one day.

We hope you get inspired to contribute by reading them here. Share your actions on our blog or our social media.

Each day someone from the Planetary Health Initiative will be blogging about one additional action we’ve taken. We’ll also be suggesting ways that Blue Mountains City Council can support you to take an action.  

We are exploring whether the small actions of individuals can have an impact if we all work together – and what those impacts might be. We’re starting from the premise that every organisation, every business, every government and every community is made up of individuals, and change has to start somewhere! We can all help one another mobilise to restore planetary health and share the many different ways it’s possible do this. By sharing and collaborating, we’ll also learn new ways to create stronger communities, new ways to create livelihoods that restore planetary health, and new ways to protect, restore and regenerate the natural systems of which we are a part, and on which the health of all life depends.

Imagine if we began to do this every day of the year …. we could rapidly create a much better present and an even better future! We really would be restoring planetary health.

We don’t expect you to do something every day, but you can help us spread the word so that as many people as possible can contribute – even just one small action.

Let us know the day you took your action so we can add it to our tally.


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