Reflexology and Food as Medicine

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Penny Henderson: A Hands-On One Day Reflexology Workshop with simple ‘food as medicine’ and herbal gems slipped in on the side!

9am – 3pm Saturday 5th October, 2019

Lemon Balm Clinic, 99 Lurline St Katoomba

This is a free workshop for young people aged 16 – 30

Western herbal medicine and reflexology practitioner Penny Henderson will give a hands-on workshop on reflexology and food as medicine, and discuss the function of complementary therapies as part of a holistic approach to health and self-care.

Unlike massage, reflexology predominantly involves working with the feet, although an experienced reflexologist may include the hands, face or ears. No undressing is required (apart from taking shoes and socks off!). The treatment can have long term and profoundly therapeutic effects, but is immediately enjoyable!

Although reflexology is carried out on the feet, it is much more than a foot massage. Reflexology stimulates the lymphatic, circulation and nervous systems. Even a simple reflexology treatment is a powerful tool that can relieve pain, reduce stress, stimulate the immune system and enhance existing treatments whether medical or complementary. It can promote general wellbeing and quality of life.  

This workshop will be mainly practical and will give participants the knowledge, hands on skills, confidence and enthusiasm to practise reflexology at home with friends and family. Nutritional or herbal tips will be offered to enhance the breadth of the experience. To maximise personal interaction and help manage specific questions from participants about particular conditions, numbers will be limited.

About your teacher:

Penny Henderson has combined herbal medicine, reflexology and nutrition for over 35 years. She has developed a holistic approach to wellness based on supporting each persons unique physical, emotional and environmental circumstances. The whole person is treated, not just the affected area or symptoms.

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