March 12

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Today I made 21 reusable makeup remover pads 

Yesterday I was not a sew-er, today I am, and all I can say is I don’t just LOVE Local, I ADORE Local!  This morning I pulled an old overlocker out of our attic, but didn’t have a clue how to use it. Two hours of YouTube videos later I was none the wiser! In desperation I decided to drop in to The Stitching Post at 100 Lurline St Katoomba, where I was warmly welcomed by Chris Casley. She immediately took me out to her back workshop table, threaded the overlocker, adjusted the tension, and gave me tips on how to use it for my A Year in a Day action today. I headed straight home and transformed an old flannelette cot sheet into 21 reusable makeup remover pads.

It’s hard to get accurate figures but some estimates say that around 20 million makeup wipes are being sent to landfill each day, making it the third most wasteful product in the world. After learning to use the overlocker it was just so so easy to make them and to keep another piece of fabric out of landfill.

We are what we repeat, so I feel I can now confidently say I AM A SEW-ER! I am taking my sewing machine and all its inexplicable bits in with me to Chris for more lessons soon.  A whole world of possibilities is opening up, and all thanks to this generous local skill sharing! If you’re interested in learning Chris shares her expertise for $10 an hour!

What other people are doing for A Year in a Day today:

It’s so inspiring to hear what other people are doing, and we’re gearing up to see if we can actually reach 365 actions in one day for World Health Day on Thursday 7 April. If you haven’t contributed an action yet, why not consider joining us for a WORLD FIRST on the 7th? Email planetaryhealth(at) to let us know your action in advance.

Today Kelly read the Declaration to the The Convention on Biological Diversity and added her endorsement because it’s so important! I followed her lead and signed it too (it closes midnight tonight).

Melissa went op shopping for clothes she needed so that she could #reuse and #reducewaste.

Carla put a refill in her ecopen. They’re made of cardboard and recycled plastic and she’s experimenting to see how long they last. 

Jessi and Sue have just been bought a new sewing machine and are learning how to recycle adult T-shirts into baby clothes.

Is it worth taking action?
Research by academics at Leeds University, engineering firm Arup and the C40 Cities climate group has identified that 73 per cent of all changes needed by 2030 to keep the world on course to meet the Paris agreement targets need to be made by governments and industry.
But private citizens have considerable influence over the remaining 27 per cent.

Join #AYearInADay Citizen Science Project to see if we can all inspire one another to do more to restore planetary health

We’d love you to collaborate with us and share any actions you take to restore planetary health in the comments below or on our social media. While we welcome you to share ANY ACTION you take to inspire others, we’ll be recording NEW or EXTRA actions that people take as part of our tally, because we’re trying to inspire one another to do more than we’re already doing. Feel free to copy some of the actions our participants have been sharing – the action only needs to be NEW for you. Let us know if other people are influenced by your posts, or ours, so that we can measure outcomes of this project. To leave a comment on this blog you’ll need to enter your name and email address.

Our first step is to record 365 new actions. Our second step will be to aim for 365 new actions in one single day. Imagine if we could do it every day of the year! You can subscribe to receive a daily action from us here


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