January 6

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The final barrier

Last week I overcame a range of barriers to finally ride my bike to Blackheath Community Farm instead of driving. Just doing something once, however, doesn’t constitute real change, so this week we added a basket to my bike so I wouldn’t have the excuse of not being able to take what I needed.

When it came time to ride to the Farm this morning it was raining. I almost backed out.

But I didn’t. I’ve never ridden a bike in the rain so this was a definite new action for me. Despite some trepidation, I rode there and back and even managed the first hill without having to get off and walk (sadly, still had to walk the second hill).

I was offered numerous lifts home because it was just bucketing down by the time we had to leave, but am feeling rather chuffed that I declined all offers and made it home on two wheels.

It’s not a habit yet, but if I repeat if often enough, it soon will be.

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