January 20

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Sunflower Microgreens in just 8 days!

I can’t believe how much fun I’m having participating in #ayearinaday. It’s stretching me to do so many things I wouldn’t otherwise have done. It also shows me just how many more things we could be doing to lead healthier lives on a healthier planet – with so little effort. I just spend a little less time every day doom scrolling.

Today, only 8 days after sowing the seeds, I harvested and tasted our first sunflower microgreens. They were just delicious. We garnished our mushroom soup with them to add a lovely fresh crunch, and a nutritional punch. And I didn’t have to go outside in the rain to harvest them. Too easy.

What I’ve learnt is that they’re ready to harvest when the first real leaves begin to appear. This is when they’ve reached maximum size before the flavour changes.

Along the way I also learnt that if you cover them for the first few days they stretch upwards trying to find light, which makes them long and leggy. I did a test with some in the sun and some covered. You could definitely see the difference. They all reach harvest time together but the ones that started under cover are taller.

An added bonus in all this rain is that I haven’t had to worry about all the snails and slugs.

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