February 4

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On feeling intense relief at finally doing what I’ve wanted to do for such a long time

I have been dependent on buying sanitary pads for over 40 years. I expected to no longer need them after I stopped menstruating, but as a mother who birthed twin boys, I’ve now become dependent on them every single day.

This week I emptied my last packet and made the decision to never buy a disposable one again. I’ve been wanting to make this decision for a very very long time because of the horror I feel every time I throw one more of these toxic plastic products in the bin. But for some reason I couldn’t make that decision until today.

I’m not sure why? I think it’s because I felt overwhelmed by all the choices that needed to be made to make the shift. Should I make them myself, where would I get the best pattern, should I buy them ready made, how would I know which worked etc etc etc. There are always a myriad of reasons why we don’t take certain actions.

If it’s too hard it’s easier to just not think about it.

But today I HAD to think about it after I made my decision, thanks to the imperative of A Year In a Day.

In trying to determine the best ‘planetary health’ choice I decided to return again to Council’s Love Local Campaign. What could I buy locally that would also help a local business in these difficult times.

I checked out MTNS ECO, the directory of ‘everything eco in the Blue Mountains’, and found that Angelique from Bird in Milk in Woodford specialises in making Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads and other reusables like baby wipes and un-paper towels. I checked out her Etsy store and felt, again, quite overwhelmed by the choices that needed to be made. So then I checked out Bird in Milk’s Facebook page and found this fabulous video in which she answered Frequently Asked Questions … all the questions that I had! It was all I needed … after watching the video it felt that someone trustworthy had held my hand and guided me in the right direction. I immediately went online and ordered 7 pads.

Thank you Angelique!

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