February 16

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Sharing positive actions creates a multiplier effect

Taking a positive action and then going one step further to share it with others, creates a multiplier effect – exactly what we need to urgently accelerate action to restore planetary health.

Sharing what you do sends a message to others that we’re all working on this together, and it empowers people to act.

Yesterday, Tracy sent me an email sharing that her action for A Year in a Day was to order a pair of shoes from Allbirds

She listed simply that they were made from the following sustainable materials:

FSC-certified TENCEL™ Lyocell (eucalyptus tree fibre) upper
SweetFoam® midsole made with sugarcane-based green EVA
Bio-based TPU eyelets
Shoe laces made from recycled plastic bottles
Castor bean oil-based insole foam

I was so grateful that she shared her action and why.

I’ve been angsting so much about shoes, because I struggle to find second-hand ones that fit. During COVID I’m also avoiding going into shops as much as I can. My joggers keep being glued back together, but they’re falling apart quicker each time.

So I was absolutely delighted to hear from Tracy about the shoes she ordered. It helped overcome my anxiety about having to research and make the best decision – she’d done the work for me!

I did a quick internet search. New Zealand company Allbirds is at the top of most lists of sustainable shoe producers and, like the Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative, they’ve made a commitment to work to reverse climate change.

So today I purchased a pair too – even delivery is free! Everything about this B Corporation* is inspiring and ethical, from the new sustainable materials they’ve developed, to their carbon neutrality and clear sense of social responsibility.

Their shoes are made from wool sourced from healthy ethical farms, tree parts from Forest Stewardship Council-certified groves, and their trademark SweetFoam is the world’s first green, carbon-negative EVA. According to Rolling Stone magazine: “They care so deeply about protecting the environment that they went a step above and gave the competition the recipe for it”. 

Thank you so much Tracy and all the other people taking the time to share their actions to make it easier for the rest of us!

* NB. B Corps™ are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Join #AYearInADay Citizen Science Project to see if we can all inspire one another to do more to restore planetary health

We’d love you to collaborate with us and share any actions you take to restore planetary health in the comments below or on our social media. While we welcome you to share ANY ACTION you take to inspire others, we’ll be recording NEW or EXTRA actions that people take as part of our tally, because we’re trying to inspire one another to do more than we’re already doing. Feel free to copy some of the actions our participants have been sharing – the action only needs to be NEW for you. Let us know if other people are influenced by your posts, or ours, so that we can measure outcomes of this project. To leave a comment on this blog you’ll need to enter your name and email address.

Our first step is to record 365 new actions. Our second step will be to aim for 365 new actions in one single day. Imagine if we could do it every day of the year! You can subscribe to receive a daily action from us here


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