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Not Just Another Vegan Cookbook

I just LOVE Food. I love growing it, cooking it and eating it, and today a whole new world opened up for me when I bought my first ever Vegan Cookbook – hot off the press – by Katoomba writer and fabulous cook, Teya Brooks Pribac. Check out the video here

I haven’t been able to put it down, and it’s a fabulous, start-from-scratch type cookbook, which I just love. For A Year In a Day I’ve been researching how having more of a plant-based diet is a way of helping to restore planetary health, so last week I baked our first vegan quiche, and two weeks ago we tried our first locally-produced vegan cheeses. 

This cookbook is going to take my cooking to a whole new level. It has vegan ‘meat’ alternatives, including salami and burgers, and even a whole range of vegan fish recipes, including salmon.

The  photography is so good that it makes you want to try every recipe, especially the very tempting desserts at the end of the book, There are recipes from all around the world, including pizzas, pastas and risottos, so I’m already planning our next week’s menus. As a bread maker I love all the different bread recipes in the book, and as a gardener, I love finding so many new and interesting ways to prepare veggies too.

There are even lots of ideas for vegan barbecues, and way more exciting ways to cook tofu than I’m used to.

But, most impressively, there are lots of recipes for fermenting your own cheeses, including mozzarella, blue cheese and camembert. I simply can’t wait to get started – everything just looks so incredibly scrumptious.
Not Just Another Vegan Cookbook  can be ordered from Teya’s website

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