A Year in a Day Blog

  • January 21
    Finally tackling an extremely unpleasant mistake I have an extremely unpleasant mistake in my backyard that’s been haunting me for three years. For my NEW action today I finally confronted it and created the solution to move forward … thanks to Blue Mountains Garden Groupies. We all make mistakes. Even […]
  • January 20
    Sunflower Microgreens in just 8 days! I can’t believe how much fun I’m having participating in #ayearinaday. It’s stretching me to do so many things I wouldn’t otherwise have done. It also shows me just how many more things we could be doing to lead healthier lives on a healthier […]
  • January 19
    Today we celebrated life! These young people, who have been participating in the Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative Permaculture Design Course, have survived Covid. They have been involved in the training online, but today, despite it being a freezing cold wet day in the Mountains, threw themselves into creating life […]
  • January 18
    Step-by-step Permablitz Guide to set up a Zone 0 Permaculture Kitchen Garden Council’s Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative is half way through a free Permaculture Design Course with young people thanks to the support of a Youth Opportunities Grant. It’s building on a Teacher Training Course we ran in December […]
  • January 17
    Saving energy when we sleep It started when our little boys were scared of the dark. We had to leave the hall light on every night. They’re 21 now, and have left home, but suddenly we find ourselves older and needing to have enough light for the frequent times we […]
  • January 16
    NEW: Un-Patented Pooper Scooper OK, I have a confession to make. Today I feel REALLY stupid. Ever since our beautiful border collie Charlie joined our family we’ve gone through packets and packets of plastic dog pooh bags, trying to be responsible citizens every time we take him for a walk. […]
  • January 15
    The Great Forgetting You know a movie’s good when it starts to change your thinking AND your behaviour. Last night I reviewed the film ‘Don’t Look Up’ (you can read the review here) and, as a result, today I took a first step in refusing to be brainwashed to join […]
  • January 14
    Just Look Up I’ve never reviewed a movie before, but tonight, for my #AYearInADay action, I decided to watch and review ‘Don’t Look Up’. With all the buzz around it, and a cast that includes Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo di Caprio, Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett (who I seriously didn’t recognise!) […]
  • January 13
    Time Travelling in the Time of Covid Since Omicron arrived I’m rarely leaving the house, but I AM having a real ball time-travelling. I don’t know if it’s age, or COVID, but I’ve been filled with nostalgia for a past life. During the first Lockdown I tidied and sorted and […]
  • January 12
    Turning sunflower, broccoli, kale, red mustard and red cabbage seeds into microgreens Today the Planetary Health Initiative taught seed saving to a group of young people participating in the online Permaculture Design Course, so seeds have been on my mind. Many of the veggies in my garden are going to […]
  • January 11
    Taking positive action inspires and creates a cascading effect leading to change I keep thinking I’m doing everything I possibly can, and then someone surprises me by showing me there’s so much more that can be done to restore planetary health. Today I looked back at the last 10 days […]
  • January 10
    Salvaging mistakes Last night I was so worried about my boys having Covid that I totally forgot to put my sour dough into the fridge to prove over night. When I woke up this morning the dough had ‘grown’ all over our stove. My immediate reaction was to sink into […]
  • January 9
    Comfort food For two years we’ve been anxious, vigilant, put dreams on hold, and have made sacrifices for each other to stay safe. But, despite everything we did, this weekend, both my precious boys tested positive for Covid. As I waited fearfully and helplessly while they struggled with high fevers, […]
  • January 8
    I simply can’t bear to waste food. As a gardener, I’m aware of the space, time and effort it takes to produce one single cauliflower, for example. There’s no way I’d let any part of it go into the bin! A positive outcome of Lockdown during the pandemic was that […]
  • January 7
    Tackling procrastination to become a citizen scientist It’s so easy to talk about all the things that need to be done to restore planetary health. Surprisingly, it’s also very easy, and infinitely more satisfying, to actually do something about it. The point of A Year in a Day is to […]