Offline Learning and Online Accreditation

Earn Digital Badges at the Blue Mountains Pluriversity

Through earning eBadges from the Blue Mountains Pluriversity you can fill a backpack with real-life credentials that you can take anywhere in the world. Follow your interests and passions to grow a community of like-minded friends, discover your future pathway, and build up your microcredentials!

You can share your badges in:

  • Blogs, websites, ePortfolios, and professional networks
  • Job applications
  • Social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Even in your email signature!

They are linked to the verified training you’ve received. Click on the sample badge we’ve issued here to see how digital badges work:

Verified Training

When you take part in our workshops, work experience, mentoring or events, we verify your participation by videoing and photographing your learning process. We also collate documents that demonstrate the content of what you’ve learnt. These are all uploaded to your digital badge. 

Collect Your Badges in a Backpack

You can store your badges in an Open Badges backpack. We use Badgr, but you can store and move your Open Badges between platforms. Your backpack gives you an easy way to collect your badges, sort them by category, and display them across social networking profiles, job sites, websites and more.

Get Started

You can get started with these badges:

Health Badge

To earn a Health Badge you will need to complete the following:

Community Farming Badge

To earn a Community Farming Badge you will need to:

Citizen Journalism Badge

To earn a Citizen Journalism Badge you will need to complete 72hrs work experience and mentoring at The Big Fix Media where you will:

  • Assist in the production and distribution of Local News – digital and print
  • Compile one Daily Solutions Digest and one Weekly eDigest
  • Write three articles that are accepted and published by The Big Fix

Storyboarding Badge

To earn a Storyboarding Badge you will need to:

Storytelling Badge

To earn a Storytelling Badge you will need to:

Cartooning Badge

To earn a Cartooning Badge you will need to:

Somatic Dance Badge

To earn a Somatic Dance Badge you will need to:

Find Your Voice Badge

To earn a Find Your Voice Badge you will need to:

Projection Mapping Badge

To earn a Projection Mapping Badge you will need to:

Permaculture & Social Enterprise Design Badge

To earn a Permaculture & Social Enterprise Design Badge you will need to:

  • Complete a Permaculture & Social Enterprise Design Course
  • Participate in the six-month mentoring program and demonstrate that you have gained experience in the following:
    • Fundraising and grant writing
    • Graphic design
    • Marketing
    • Event management
    • Business skills including database management
    • Policy development
  • Develop a viable Business Plan for a social enterprise with Edgy Blue Mountains, our Collaborative Social Enterprise Incubator